Acoustic, Americana, Blues, Bossa Nova, Cajun, Celtic, Country, Fiddles, Folk, Guitars, Harmonies, Jazz, Mandolins, Sixties, Slides

What’s in a name? Variously known as Baum and Maggs (the duo), the Good Old Boys, or Baum, Maggs and Taylor (the trio), or the new Bacumas, BM&T have risen very recently from the ashes of the old Bacuma Boys (

Dave Maggs has played with The Contortionists and more recently Musikissmo as well as The Bacuma Boys; Andy Baum with Hilary James and Simon Mayor in Slim Panatella and the Mellow Virginians, and with Dave in The Bacuma Boys; Andy Taylor with the Frank Jennings Syndicate at the Grand ‘Ol Opry, as well as being a solo recording artist (as Drew Taylor).

Andy B (guitar and mandolin) and Dave (guitar, slide, mandocello and harmonica) have been looking for a great fiddler for a very long time, and Andy T is just that! Too many Andy’s, but it’s only a name…

Contact: Andrew Baum 07909 521690